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Technology in Human Resource Management
1. Technology: E-HRM:
E-HRM (Electronic Human Resource Management) is a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) which like other HRIS Systems aims towards facilitating an organization’s HR in performing various HR functions. E-HRM, according to Ruėl et al. (2004), is a method of implementing HR strategies, policies, and practices in organizations through a conscious and directed assistance of web-technology-based channels.
These web-technology-based channels help the managers and employees in extracting HR-related information, thus assisting them in performing their respective HR-related tasks. It provides an online real time human resource management solution by making use of the latest web application technology (Maatman, 2006).
There are three types of E-HRM; Operational HRM which takes care of administrative functions like payroll and employee personal data etc., Relational HRM which is related to supporting business processes like through staff training, recruitment and performance management etc., Transformational HRM which focuses upon strategic HR activities like knowledge management and strategic reorientation etc. (Ruėl et al., 2004). All three types of E-HRM are crucial for the firm as it provides a complete HR solution to the firm. Therefore each E-HRM activity needs to be addressed in a critical manner for achieving successful results.
2. Benefits of E-HRM
Human Resources of any organization are an important element that needs to be given consideration by the firm in order to attain success and profitability in the business market. Without effective performance of human resources, the organization may not achieve its desired goals. Implementing HR technology in the firm may bring about major benefits and allow the firm to gain a strong competitive advantage. Implementing HR related technology can ease all HR activities and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources of any organization.
E-HRM provides web solutions for the implementation of various Human resource tasks and thus entails numerous advantages for firms adopting this system. E-HRM enables the organizations to achieve standardization of HR policies and practices across the company as the system brings the ease of high speed data processing, information report production and comprehensive information management pertaining to employees and future policy formulations (Maatman, 2006).
Future policies of the organization are developed keeping in view the current scenario and HR related requirements for the organization. It brings in the ease of recruitment, selection and assessment in lesser time and money owing to its comprehensive and on-going information system maintaining employee data, company policies data and job specifications, thus assisting the recruitment process.
Furthermore, it helps organizations achieve a more dynamic workflow in business processes, productivity and employee satisfaction. It brings the...

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