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Technology In Our Changing Business World: This Is A Persuasive Essay Convincing Bussiness Professionals To Keep Up With New Technology Skills.

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Technology in a Changing Business WorldDo you have your BlackBerry? No, I don't mean the fruit! I mean the BlackBerry PDA that lets you send remote e-mails, make telephone calls, and organize data. Aren't you surprised? As our business grows, we need to stay one step ahead of the competition and be able to respond quickly no matter where we are. Technology over the years has always made it easier to stay ahead--it's the people using the technology that have difficulty keeping up.What would we do without technology? Today more and more of us rely on technology to send mail, organize data, and make appointments. Keeping up with technology is vital for businesses around the world because it increases productivity and, therefore, increases profit. Technology is expanding faster than ever before, so we business professionals must make the most of this opportunity and leave our old routines behind. Technology is also a great investment because it is faster, hassle-free, and saves the space of all those file cabinets.Once workers have learned the new skills, the total organization and productivity will increase dramatically. However, office workers lacking up-to-date office skills will make any business suffer in numerous ways--particularly organization. Organization is essential for running a business. If information is lost or unorganized, it will take a lot of expensive time to find anything. So at the very least, we business professionals must keep up to date with new technology skills just to maintain the most essential basic office operations. Just add up the cost of file cabinets, office real estate, and manual processes then you will understand the real cost of keeping up with paper files. A virtual office can alleviate all of these costs and brings efficiency to our offices.Forget about that sought-after corner office. The virtual office is here and growing in popularity. High speed Internet access, BlackBerrys for remote e-mail, wireless computers, instant messaging, handheld PDAs, and other technology make it possible to run an entire office from home. With virtual technology, employees can easily communicate back and forth, share project information, and even view the same desktop with everyone who works back in the office or at other remote locations. "People are also willing to make the job change" according to Robert Morgan, president of Employment Solutions, a Fort Lauderdale-based staffing provider, such that they can work in a virtual office. Since the virtual office is creating a more confident and productive workforce, it's our strongest key to success.Having a virtual office is a great way to run a business. It enables workers more family time; it makes businesses more productive, and it cuts costs. According to a July 2003 survey, about 85% of employees say their work-life balance is their number one priority. That compares with just 35% who say moving up the career ladder is their top goal. But working in the virtual office...

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