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“Technology In Our Lives” Essay

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Technology ever since the 1950’s has played a big part in our daily lives. During the 1950’s for example people had only just begun to hear about computers for the first time, in this day and age today technology has advanced so much and now we use it every day all the time in our lives to where it has become second nature to us.

In 2013 everything has advanced so much and so fast that we’ve barely noticed, we use computers and technology in general from our smartphones to our tablets etc. all the time in our daily lives. The big question is, are all of these technological advancements and technological devices really such a good thing?

Technologies in general such as our computers and smartphones aren’t necessarily bad things they gives us many different advantages in the world today. Probably one of the biggest most noticeable advantages of technology in our daily lives would be the time it saves us.

Every day we are using our devices to surf the internet or make a call send an email etc. All of those things even if we don’t notice them it is saving us lots of time. Probably one of the biggest advancements since the phone would be SMS messaging or as we know it better “Texting”, texting is practically second nature to us.

We may not notice it but texting saves us so much time, for example instead of calling a friend up to ask them one question like “Hey where is the party going to be?” You can simply text them the question and save lots of time by not calling them and getting into a half hour conversation.

Not only does texting save us lots of time but the internet also saves us heaps of time too, instead of having to go somewhere to figure out the weather in a certain area all we have to do is look it up on the internet.
With a lot of smartphones now days it is making these already time saving tasks even easier for example on most Android smartphones there is a feature called “Google Now” so if you want to know the weather outside or anywhere in the world or even if you want to text a friend you can do it all with your voice just by talking to your phone.

One of the other advantages of technology such as the computer and the internet would be the amount of information that is available to us, if used correctly you can learn so much stuff from the internet it is pretty much a never ending information and...

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