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Would you want to send your children to a pediatrician that was practicing medicine in the 1970’s or 1980’s? Then why would you want your child to be taught using teaching techniques that are decades, even centuries old (Steinberg par. 2)? Computers in school impact, not only a person’s education, but their whole life: Financial aspects, physical conditions, and their self-esteem.
A person’s finances would be affected due to the cost of the computer, the software for computers, and maintenance of the computer hardware. Some schools require that the students pay for the computer themselves. This is an obvious problem because computers are extremely expensive machines and the rising cost of living, lower salaries, and college expenses do not make these fees any easier to pay off. Software for computers are a necessity for most high school and college classes today. There are free alternatives online but most of these save with different file types that most popular softwares such a Pages and Word might not recognize.
When finances do not play a role in the decision, such as a school that leases the computer to the student for a reduced price, there are great benefits. “‘You’d have to be living in a cave to not be aware of the fact that technology is a critical part of a skill set people use in the real world,’ he [Walled Lake Superintendent William Hamilton] says (Steinberg par. 14).” Computers are a vital asset to all work-fields. There are few jobs that do not require some sort of computer knowledge. Computers are becoming more and more involved in society. The best way to approach this situation is to introduce this information to the children early on (Powell par. 4). They are also a source of constantly updating news and information. Textbooks are becoming outdated more quickly due to the advancements in technology of today. Computers can be used for textbooks. This is also a better solution because more textbooks can be carried by a student on a single, lightweight computer. These textbooks can also be updated with new information as there are new developments in science. Some online textbooks are even interactive. Students are actively engaged in different programs that will give them an immediate response whether or not the problem that they had just answered is right or wrong.
Computers can also help students with learning disabilities to understand the material. For example, a person with dyslexia would be able to benefit from using a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Pages because they can use the built-in spell-check, grammar-check, and they could change the font size and color so that the material is easier for them to read. The spell-check is useful because it gives the writer the ability to focus on the content that he/she are writing, rather than getting bogged down by trying to spell words correctly. Word predictors also assist people who have a difficult time spelling words because they simply start typing a word then...

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