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Technology In Schools In 2030 Essay

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I stepped through the doors of our energy efficient paperless school, one where students are encouraged to explore; it is focused around collaboration, gaming, virtual learning and 3D holographic technology, where all the surfaces are interactive and dynamic. The words came flowing; learning, feedback, group dynamics, e-portfolios, programmable and adjustable capsules...yes the day has began. Through ‘Berkeley’s world’ (BW) the game designed just for the school I got a request to show a visitor around for the day….Mrs. Daily. Upon stepping through the doors my alert came on my device welcoming me and also analyzing my mood and basic health stat so I smiled because of the results. Mrs. Daily looked at me puzzled; I explained to her that our biometrics system is used to examine everyone that steps through those doors. First, it identifies who you are and send you a welcome message, then it moves on to more detailed things such as your physical and emotional state...”you will see this in action later”. As we moved through the building she was fascinated by our multi-touch surfaces… “I have never seen it being used at such a level she exclaimed.
After showing her around, we went to one of our conference rooms. I explained the structure of our school before moving to one of our classrooms. I explained that our school is set on the instructional pyramid with four elements all interconnected, teacher, space, student and content. Our students, teachers and administrators are engaged on a daily basis and this is not only done at the classroom level but also due to the structure of the school, where we believe “education is designed and to design is education”. The students work is always on interactive display. Through the support of
teachers and collaboration the end product is the ultimate goal. To get there we have our “WOW” space where students are encouraged to set up and get pre-assessed; workshop section for goal setting, collaborating and measuring; stage for progress check and intervention; sanctuary for reflection and gallery area for assessment and feedback.
Throughout the tour our principal kept updating us with activities through our game portal. I projected my gaming session on the wall so Mrs. Daily could see how our tasks are carried out on a daily basis. We collaborate and share information a lot using the “mission and quest” gaming strategies. Each player can check the boss’ page and learn about strategies used by successful guilds which they can probably implement in their own classes. We also use this to inspect our equipment, structure or material. As it relates to developing objectives and strategies and the actions to achieve them our raid leaders have schedules of expectations regarding when players can move on to more advanced bosses. The guilds meet on a regular basis to discuss the plans and analyze goals to determine the successes and failures. These sessions are also used to review updates that are made to games by...

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