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Technology In The Class Essay

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There are multiple advantages and disadvantages for Mr. Barbour to allow his students to use electronics in his class room. Mr. Barbour is an English teacher so students don’t really need electronics in the classroom. All students need in his class room are paper and a pen or pencil to take notes in class, but even if we don’t need computers or phones in the class we can still take advantage of them to make our lives easier and a little better because that is why we have them. However even if students are allowed to use technology in class they can still miss use it and get distracted in the class and be prevented from learning anything important.
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Another advantage for Mr. Barbour to allow electronics in the class room is the ability of unlimited knowledge which we gather by using google to search up anything we want. With the unlimited capabilities of using google students can search anything that can be useful as learning examples in class. Just today in his class we were learning how advertisers attack a certain demographic to get that group to buy their product. What would of been very interesting and very productive for the class was the ability to search up a certain commercials which they could show to the class and see how advertiser are actually convincing people to buy their products then just to talk about and also for people that haven’t seen the commercial to become for active as well in class to talk about it too, cause they have seen the commercial too.
I have talked about advantages of technology in the classroom but there are still some disadvantages of allowing student to use technology in the classroom. Even though we’ll expect student to use this privilege responsibly some students may want to use it irresponsibly. Mr. Barbour does not have control with...

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