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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology In The Classroom

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Technology has changed many aspects of our lives, so why should we expect less of the classroom atmosphere? Technology in the classroom has changed the way students learn and the way teachers teach. Technology today is integrated into the classroom as a teaching tool rather than being taught as a course. There are many ways that technology is used in today’s classroom such as the World Wide Web, Power Point, and Excel (Starr, 2011). Teachers will continue to be the most important aspect of a child’s education because they teach and technology does not. The use of technology in the classroom can bring advantages to a child’s education but can also bring disadvantages (Cleaver, 2011).
Technology properly used in the classroom has many advantages to a student’s learning. Technology can help students become more involved in their own learning process, which is not seen in the traditional classroom. It allows them to master basic skills at their own rate rather than being left behind. Teachers and students alike can connect to real life situations by using technology in the classroom; this can also help to prepare students for real world situations. Technology can be used to motivate students as well as to offer more challenging opportunities. It can also be used as a visualization tool to keep students interested in the subject that is being taught. When technology is used effectively, students have the opportunity to develop skills that they may not get without the use of technology (Cleaver, 2011). Assessing and monitoring students is easier on the teacher because of the ability to use technology in the classroom. When technology is used correctly it offers limitless resources to a classroom atmosphere.
Technology in the classroom can bring disadvantages for students as well as for teachers (Shay, 2013). When using technology individually, students are more likely to get distracted. Technology can also bring more of an opportunity for students to cheat on assignments as well as causing discipline problems. Time can be easily wasted when using technology in the classroom, especially if it is used for students to play rather than for instructional time. Less personal and quality time with students can be a disadvantage with the use of technology in the classroom. Learning the technology that is expected to be used in the classroom may be a disadvantage for many teachers. It can bring more work to a teacher’s already heavy workload and make teachers feel overwhelmed. The school system may not be able to offer quality training for the...

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