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Technology In The Family Essay

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In the United States in this day in age, technology has become a fighting force that parents and teachers both love and hate. I recently interviewed Cindy Moser about some of these problems and questions that concern technology and kids. When it comes to children right now, they are all engaged in some type of technology. Kids are getting phones at younger ages, they are able to watch more mature television shows before they are of age to watch, and with the easily accessible technology around them, actual human to human interacting has become a struggle to some children. However there are many benefits to the advancements of technology that we have made, the benefits are often accompanied ...view middle of the document...

” This is completely true. Technology has made the interaction between parents and their children much less meaningful and informative for kids. When I was growing up, talking to my parents and just being around them all the time taught me a lot, whether it was basic table manners, to how to talk properly to another adult. Moser also had something to add on this topic as well, “As a mom I miss talking to my kids and answering their questions and spending time with them. I'm lucky if they even look me in the eye instead of looking at the screen in front of them. I think the human connection and bond is deteriorating.” Those are most of the negatives that technology has brought to the family aspect of interaction, but there are multiple positives that come along with it.
For some of the older children in the family, teenagers specifically, it really allows them to have quick and constant communication with their parents. Without this technology, there would be a lot of unnecessary miscommunications between the parents and kids. A cell phone has been legendary concerning the ability it has given kids to communicate and keep in touch with their parents. Moser continued to talk about this point, saying “On a positive note, it is easier to get in touch with your kids now that they all have cell phones. Piece of mind is attained quicker when you can easily find out where they are and what's going on. That is if they answer you!” As I said in my thesis, all of this technology that is around can be great for kids, but in order for it to be effective as well, it has to be regulated. The way to regulate it is by the parents putting restrictions on it so that their children do not get engulfed in technology. It can ruin the relationship with their parents if they do not use it properly. Moser’s thoughts on this included “there should be restrictions put on technology in childhood. Children need to learn how to interact and communicate person to person Speaking and listening skills are developed through human interaction and hearing the human voice and it's intonations and...

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