Technology In The Film Tron Essay

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Technology in the film Tron


The purpose of my project is to discover how technology is represented within the film Tron. To answer this research question, I viewed and analyzed the movie and incorporated information from the text and various websites. While studying this film, I took into consideration factors such as images and language used, how technology is related to society, and what symbols the creator used to convey certain qualities of technology. In this research paper, I will begin by explaining the significance of this project and my areas of research. I will then relay the focus of my investigation, the methods I employed to gain my research, analyze the film, and discuss the implications of my analysis. I will conclude with a summary of the main points.

Rationale and focus

A film such as Tron, with a plot that centers on science and technology, is an important artifact to study because it demonstrates our capabilities and understandings of technology in 1982, when the film was released. It also illuminates societal views of technology in the 1980s, and possible debates over proper uses of technology. It serves as an example of the manner in which technology was communicated to the public at that particular time.

In my Rhetoric and Public Life class I learned that artifacts such as Tron are part of our social construction of reality. I have learned that popular culture and the film influence each other. I now have an overall understanding of how technology was represented in the movie. I first prepared for this project by researching the movie on the Internet. I found that Tron has several websites dedicated to it, one of which is maintained by a fan named Guy Gordon. From this site, I discovered what the movie is about, "A hacker is literally abducted into the world of a computer and forced to participate in gladiatorial games." By finding out ahead of time what made up the movie plot, I felt I had a good idea of how technology would be represented. This description led me to believe that the outlook of technology at the time, when the Internet was just being introduced to the public, was fear. People feared the unknown power of the new technology of computers. Tron is a story of man battling his own creations, which represents technology as a powerful force with destructive capabilities.

I am interested in this project because I have always liked science fiction/fantasy movies. I like to think about the possibilities that technology holds for our future. I am also interested in how technology influences our culture. I was in high school when this movie came out and had limited access to computers at that time. I wasn’t concerned with the impact of new computer technology then, but remember hearing people say that machines would someday run the world. For example, I worked for a grocery store in the 1980s and remember other employees worrying that new machines were being developed that would...

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