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Technology In The New World Essay

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In today’s society technology has a major impact in how we learn and grow towards our future goals. Three main topics in which technology can help in our ordinary lives is that of how we communicate socially, how we study education, and how technology affects a person’s professional future.

One way technology can assist people is that technology makes it easier to become more educated. For example, instead of having to take the time to go down to the library to check out a book to read about a certain time in history, all you need to do is go online and look up whatever it is you want and in a flash you can know all about that subject faster than before you get in your car to leave to the public library. Another example is that schools wouldn’t have to use paper to make books to give kids and adults knowledge and will help save some trees from being chopped down and produced into paper. This is important because it would lower the violent protest that people set out to do and will make the world just a little bit friendlier.

Another way technology can help people is how they communicate with others in their lives. For instance, when you can’t see your parents because you are out of the country all you will need to do is download an application called “Skype” and it’ll be like their with you in the room. Another example is that we can now copy papers by a computer rather than having to do copy them the old-fashioned way by doing it by hand. This helps majorly because when a person is on the run he or she can get the copies and get out instead of having to do it by hand and take forever to finally complete a simple copy task at work or at home. Another example is that cars can use their computers that are placed in them to basically make a human action and or thought....

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