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Technology In The Nursing Profession Essay

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According to, technology is defined as the “branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment…” (Technology). Examples of technology include, computers, iPads, iPhones, and iPods and others. These advancements in technology are being presented as a way to make our lives easier. The Nurses’ main niche is to provide care and emotional support to the patients. This care and support from the Nurses will improve the feelings of patient’s homesickness. Most Nurses are very passionate in using the technology for it provides them conciseness and less work. Since everyone is experiencing the so - called recession in society nowadays, it does not only affect one’s economy but also the healthcare field as well. On the other hand:
According to a report released by the American Health Care Association in July 2008, more than 19,400 RN vacancies exist in long-term care settings. These vacancies, coupled with an additional 116,000 open positions in hospitals reported by the American Hospital Association in July 2007, bring the total RN vacancies in the U.S. to more than 135,000. This translates into a national RN vacancy rate of 8.1%. (Rosseter 2).
These statistics support the argument that recession has impacted the lives of the Nurses. Today, Nurses are expected to do more work but get lesser pay, which is not a good idea to have. However, with the idea of Technology, the life of the Nurses will transform. The use of technology rather than paper and pencil is the most important advancement made in the Nursing profession because it is more efficient, more environmentally – friendly and it increases the quality of care.
First, the use of computers is more efficient. It is more efficient, in the sense that electronic medication administration with bar coding emerge; wireless communications through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and wireless Patient Monitoring develop. The use of electronic medication administration with bar coding made charting patients efficient because it lessens the medication errors (Getz 1). With this process, Nurses should and must always double check the prescription given by the physician in order for them not to make mistake because sometimes this mistake can lead to their sickness or death. To support the argument, here is how bar – coding works: from the Nurses laptop, he/she is bonded with a hand held scanner that contains wireless. From this, the scanner will confirm the “five rights” of medication administration – patient, route, dose, time and medication (Turisco and Rhoads 17). Once the scanning process is through, the computer system will transport all the information about the patient to the facility and from there, they will give the patient his/her medications and other necessities. According to Turisco, a research principal and Rhoads, senior research analyst, 23% of hospitals have already...

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