Technology Is A Handy Tool Essay

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I believe that technology and games in school should be encouraged because...

The technology helps students with their work and allows them to be interested in the activity. Student's minds can easily be distracted from work that is uninteresting or non-interactive. Using iPads and other devices can help them develop their skills faster and be interested in learning new things. While some students may use technology incorrectly to play games or have fun instead of learning, most use them to the best of their ability so they can have a better understanding of their subject. All that is needed to grab the attention of the misusers is to combine their likes with the subject so that their interests are in the subject rather than their game.

Web filters are too restrictive and should "loosen up" more...
By placing restrictions on the iPads, you damage the students' capability to learn to their full potential. The web filters that have been placed within the iPads is limiting the students' "learning space". They are blocking important websites that could be used to help the students with their subjects and their understanding of them. Websites with valuable information that could be used to help students with their work could possibly be blocked by these web filters.

Technology is a better and faster way to get assignments done...
Homework and school assignments can be long and tiring when it comes to writing things down, but technology helps by decreasing the amount of work put into the subject and creates an easier way to complete assignments. It also decreases the amount of time spent on the homework and gives the user more free time to do as they like or complete other assignments. Free time for students and parents is severe while going through school. It provides more freedom and needed relaxation for students. Having a schedule that should be followed is not exactly easy for neither the students nor the teachers. Lack of crucial elements to a healthy life can lead to depression and drowsiness. It may also lead to anxiety. Technology gives its users their free time and needed...

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