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The best method for improving educational standards is to utilize every toolavailable, including state-of-the-art technology. Computers and the Internet haveexpanded the way in which education can be delivered to the students of today.Today's networking technologies provide a valuable opportunity to the practice oflearning techniques. Educators are discovering that computers and multi-basededucational tools are facilitating learning and enhancing social interaction. Computerbased telecommunications can offer enormous instructional opportunities, buteducators will need to adapt current lesson plan to incorporate this new medium intoall the classrooms. The only problem is that some of today's schools are hindered byan under-powered technology based curriculum and, in order to stay competitive, theAmerican educational system must do a better job of integrating.Computers have made a fundamental change in most industries, providing acompetitive advantage that has come to be essential to stay in business. Therefore,education must also use technology to improve the educational process instead ofsimply applying it to existing structures. School systems often consider acquiring anenterprise computer network, but justify its purchase by applying it to routineadministrative tasks, or take period by period attendance. Although these tasks areimportant, they only represent a small part of what technology can do for aneducational institution. Technology must go beyond just keeping attendance, it mustfocus on keeping students interested and productive. 'Curriculum improvement is thebest strategy to prevent dropouts; technology is especially useful in this regard'(Kinnaman 78). Technology can provide a unique and compelling curriculumresource, that challenges every student.The Clinton administration has taken steps towards improving educationalstandards via its 'Goals 2000: Educate America Act of 1994' (Thornburg 23).However, several interpretations of the Act never mention the use of technology.Advocates of the Act need to realize that Internet linked computers can provide morecurrent information than what is found in today's 'exciting' textbooks. For example,science textbooks and history textbooks are notoriously out of date. In contrast, theInternet offers students a vast pool of current scientific data. Most of the time theInternet makes learning fun, unlike the plain fashion of the 'almighty' textbook.Computers and other technology can also heighten the learning process by activelyengaging students in the task of exploring data. Some students may be tempted tosimply download information from the Internet that does not have anything to do with aparticular subject that they were asked to research. This shows that the Internet mayhave a greater impact to education than to learn that information from a typicaltextbook.Since computers and the Internet have expanded the way with which educationcan be delivered to students, it is currently possible to engage in...

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