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Technology Is Good Essay

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Technology has been evolving faster over the years some for the worst but all in all, for the best. the first computer was made in 1946 and really could not do much then in the 1990s they got smaller and could do more, and now in 2013 we have phones that you can ask a question out loud then it can read the answer to you. this is just one vague example of how fast it has evolved over the years. Technology is can be be even better because it can decreases traffic accidents, it makes new ways of transportation, and it protects soldiers in war.

The first reason is that it reduces accidents on the road in cars. In a short amount of time we will have self driving cars that “reduce the need for the driver to control the vehicle.” This will make getting from place to place more productive and cheaper in the case of busses and taxis. They could do this with “electronic sensors and optical cameras to react to well-defined lane and curb markers.” So basically they use cameras and other sensors to detect the road and drive on it for you. it could also make “vehicles could move more smoothly and maintain a constant distance between other vehicles, potentially resulting in a traffic system that is less congested and safer.” So this could make it so you could get to where you are going faster and safer. When you put it all together we could get to work or school faster and have less accidents.

Second, technology makes getting to work much easier and faster to open up new jobs and decrease the population in large cities. There is a new mode of transportation that is dawning soon, you sit down in a “Space Age capsule in Los Angeles. About half an hour later, you’re in sight of the Golden Gate Bridge.” You might be thinking about how it would do this right now. Well, you would be “transported at speeds of 300 to 760 mph through a steel tube kept at low pressure. The capsules would shoot through the tube on a cushion of air (like a puck gliding on an air hockey table), accelerated by a magnetic system at points along the way.” This system makes getting around much faster than ever thought previously.

Then a third reason is that it can save soldiers’ lives in wars so they can come home safe. They would do that with an iron man like suit that is “all but impervious to bullets and shrapnel.” It would also be able to “continuously download and display live video feeds from overhead drones.” Finally it would be able to stop the bleeding in minor wounds and if there is something bad in the air carry an oxygen supply for them to breath while going through the bad air. All of this would make our family members safer on the battlefield.

On the other hand it is also bad because technology affects trees and insects, it can make mistakes and is expensive, and puts marine life in danger. First, it puts some species of insects in danger because of pollution. In asia there was a ivory colored moth and the “But soot from local factories darkened the light trees.” so the...

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