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When thinking of murders, drugs and nudity, I am pretty sure not many positive images come to mind, and we surely would not expose children to such behaviors. Electronics, like television and computers, show these kinds of things regularly. Despite this explicit material, some people see the constantly improving technology as a wonderful addition to our lives. Yet as time passes, more and more people start to have doubts about what these developments in technology are leading to. Kids and teens should play outside and use their imaginations; instead they devote countless hours on various electronics ranging from tablets and computers to phones and TV’s. More and more entertainment is being introduced into civilization every day corrupting us even more. These electronic inventions have the capacity to ruin society by often showing explicit and inappropriate material which contaminates children’s minds, and by slowly ruining society’s social skills.
People frequently use various electronics to go on pointless websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, which ruin human’s social abilities. More and more people use social media on the internet as a communication source leaving behind old ways of socializing. This does not apply merely to kids and teens, but adults as well. Using these sorts of websites as a way of communicating causes many individuals’ social skills to decrease. A plethora of children and teens would rather stay inside and interact with their friends through the internet than go hang out with them. For example, I remember after watching Perks of being a Wallflower, a movie taking place in the early nineties, my friends and I discussed how all the characters communicated in person and as they hung out they played games and talked. In the present day many friendships form through the internet and these friendships are not genuine. When these “friends” meet in person, they find nothing to talk about or they socialize by sitting together but instead of talking, they watch TV or use their phones playing games and texting others. Not only teens are affected by it though, almost everything adults need to get done can be done through the internet now, even applying for jobs and paying taxes. Activities like these tended to consist of some social contact but as civilization is introduced to more and more entertainment the less interaction humans have.
Not only do numerous electronics ruin social skills, but they constantly show unsuitable material for children. Many parents do not realize just what their kids witness by flipping through TV Channels or accidentally typing a webpage incorrectly on the internet. For example even the news, which informs people every day, rarely discusses the positive events happening throughout the world. They tend to focus on wars, terrorism, shootings, and drugs, corrupting children that observe these behaviors at young ages. The more these children watch inappropriate behaviors the more desensitized they become...

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