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From utilizing a telegraph to mailing letters to sending text messages. Technology has changed drastically over the years, allowing more people to use it on a regular basis. Most, however, do not realize how much humans rely on technology, for example, using it as an alarm to wake up at 6 a.m. on the dot, or using it to record television shows that can be watched later. Technology has done many great things for the human race, but where there is good, there is also evil. Such advancements in technology have caused the production of mass destructive weapons, in fact, there is enough nuclear weapons to blow up the world more than twenty times over again. Unfortunately humans over abuse the ...view middle of the document...

. In What is the Role of Technology in Education?, the director of educational policy states, “Millions of dollars have been poured into American schools to purchase more technology with less than impressive results”(Hess 11). This further proves my point that although technology can be seen as beneficial it is only to a certain extent of small spending.
Many technological advances have also been used in medicines or hospital equipment. Technology has become very useful in the medical field and has changed the way hospitals work completely. The average hospital is filled with technology from the computers at the front desk to the x-ray scanners in the exam rooms. The book Modern Medicines is a great example of the different types of medicines that were made possible by technology. It describes how some medicines came to be and the challenges that were faced during the process. It also mentions how medicine was before technology came along which was very terrible due to the fact that it had to do with drowning whiskey down the patients throat while using a saw to dismantle the injured arm(Facklam 49).
Although having technology in our lives can be luxurious, the fact that many people rely solemnly on technology can be quite an issue. As more people discover the simplicity of technology, they then rely more and more on it. In a High School most students use calculators on a daily basis, however when a teacher constantly allows the students to use the calculators on tests the students become dependent on the calculators and rely on them to find the answer to a simple math equation. Smartphones are also a problem for this matter, since they provide the carrier with access to the whole web and all of its information. One of the most horrible cases of being dependent upon technology is being at a special event in which one can choose to record. When recording one does not truly live in the moment, which is what truly should be done in order to actually experience life. On the webpage Mother Nature Network, writer Chanie Kirschner states, “There are so many moments we try to capture on video, only to realize that we’re not experiencing the moment we are trying to capture.”(Kirschner 2). This statement could not be more true in describing why we must not rely on technology to capture lives most valuable moments, and if we do so we will not experience all that life has to offer.
Social isolation has and most likely will be a problem faced all throughout the development of technology. An average forty percent of teenage boys in the U.S play video games. As shown on television some of those games most teenage boys play can be very violent and inappropriate. Often times many kids get sucked into these games and very often become addicted to the gory video games. After the process of addiction begins most teenagers then do not worry about live outside of the video in a process called social isolation. Teenage girls are also guilty of doing this,...

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