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Technology Is Taking Over And Replacing Humans

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The robots are taking over and planning to destroy humanity as it currently stands. They’re smarter, faster, and stronger making them superior to humans in every way. Because humans were too lazy and put all their faith in technology it was easy for the machines to rise up and take over. Soon all of humanity will be enslaved by robots and computers. This is the plot for thousands of science fiction movies and novels in which humans make computer, personal robots servants, and other technology that are so advanced and make life easier that in the end humankind has lost most of its intellect and physical abilities dooming the world to a fate that has inspired many armageddon theories. In the early 1960’s the world was introduced to the first ever supercomputer marking the era of the technological age in which it is not only possible for an ordinary person to do complex mathematic equations in mere moments but then share it with another person half way around the earth in nanoseconds. In the modern world the personal robot servant is still just a dream in the minds of scientist. Humanity made spectacular advancements when it comes to making life easier using machines. From the first computer to the latest handheld cell phone technology has helped in the daily life of mankind but at a great cost. By building and creating modern marvels that think for people and takes the muscle strain out of physical labor. Humankind has become weaker and completely dependent on these creations. A high price made by humans to have technology do things that with our own abilities we could achieve. The advancement in technology has made humanity’s intellect and physical strength decrease. Humankind has made great advancements in technology such as computers, calculators, transportation machines, but by placing all its faith within these devices our math and writing skills have decreased making life spiral into chaos if the technology malfunctions.
Since the invention of the abacus humanity has always craved and crated new items and technological machines to help in its theory, practice, and understanding of math. These advancements in technology made calculators one of the great inventions in helping ordinary people solve complex mathematical equations. However this step forward in technology made humans take a step back. Calculator decrease human beings math skill such as doing simple math by just using one’s own mind, being able to do math by hand, and learning how to do math. Since the introductions of using calculators in schools the lack of students that have the ability to do simple math without a calculator scares teachers and puts stress on students when they can’t use one. “In the mid 1980’s mathematic calculators began to make a grand appearance in schools” (Lee). This was seen as very positive but two decades later the negative effects are being felt. When mathematical calculators were introduced teachers, students, and people in general all saw great...

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