Technology Keeps Us Together, Mentally And Physically

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Tp. Tu. Tup. Din. Den. Tupd. Ahhh Choo! Sniff. Squeak. Tup. The sounds are maddening. You look up from the math homework you’ve been working on. The noises that filled your ears continue. All you can think about is the odd sound a desk makes when your knee hits it. You turn and see Mr. Walker picking his nose. Gross. You close your eyes, take a deep breath, and try to focus. The only thing not on your mind is your homework. You look down at your paper. The equations like a foreign language. The sounds stop, replaced by another. Technology helps in many ways, such as music helping focus, social networks keeping people together, Google filling our head with facts, and Smart boards helping us learn.
Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google, says gives an example of someone who wants to research the guidance computers on the Apollo missions. He said that his library didn't have many books about this topic. This is where Google comes in. With a ...view middle of the document...

According to the survey, people who used social media had more close friends that those who didn't use social media. It didn't matter if these people were married or single, living alone, or with others, the results were the same. He said that social media also connected people with people with more diverse backgrounds. With social media there is always someone out there waiting to find someone just like you. You'll never run out of friends. You may lose one friend who you really liked, find out he doesn't care, and find someone equally as awesome as him that does care. People who don't use social networks are limited to the people living near them when you can video chat, text, and like facebook statuses from 1,000 miles away.
¨You can Google all the facts you want, but you'll never Google your way to brilliance,¨ says Nicholas Carr, an author. Google may not make geniuses but it can make you smarter everyday. Norvig says ¨When the history of our current age is written, it will say that Google has made us smarter—both individually and collectively—because we have ready and free access to information.¨ Matt Richtel says ¨In the modern world, the chime of incoming e-mail can override the goal of writing a business plan or playing catch with the children.¨ That isn't the case all the time, though. It is up to the person if they want to check the email, or if they want to continue playing. It isn't up to us to ban the use of social media with teens it should be up to the parents because everyone reacts differently.
Tlank. Tip. Din. Di. Tu… fading slowly from your memory. Mind wiped clean, you can now focus on the task at hand: your homework. You look up and see a Smart board. You direct your attention toward your paper and it all becomes clear. The graphite on your pencil skids across the white surface, leaving marks of success behind. You glance down to find you’ve completed the whole assignment. Time just flew by. The remedy to the poison on the surrounding noise was the music. The words on the paper became clears because written--no. Displayed on the board was all you needed to know in a simplistic photo. Technology saves students time--people, nevertheless.

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