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Technology Misuse And Safety Essay

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With the constant expansion of technology, almost everyone now has access to the internet and cell phones. When used carefully and appropriately, these technological tools can help make tasks simpler. However, the misuse of instant messages, email, and the internet can lead to negative consequences that can range from cyberstalking to missed job opportunities. Misuse of technology is not only limited to a home, but can expand to school and work.
The internet has the capability of connecting the whole world to one place. That being said, not everyone using the internet have the best intentions. Predators could be lurking in any social media site or chat room. You can never definitely know who is on the other side of the computer screen. That being said, it is critical to not share any personal information. This includes your full name, where you live, and phone numbers. Think carefully when choosing our screen name for a website and never continue a conversation with someone online if they make you feel uncomfortable. Be very careful what you post on the internet, it has no delete key.
Today, almost all teenagers and young adults have access to cellphones. It is important to never give out your phone number to someone online as it can lead to cyberbullying or harassment. The “friend” you met online could actually be a predator. Another growing issue with cellphones is sexting. You should never send compromising picture or post them online. You don’t know where those pictures can be sent and who can view them. Once those pictures or messages are out, there is no way to erase them. This can lead to serious embarrassment and emotional damage.
It may seem that a simple misuse of the internet or a cellphone can leave only a small, short term mark on someone’s life, when in reality, it can be quite the opposite. There are both short and long term consequences to the misuse of technology. Short-term could include embarrassment or maybe spam received by giving out an...

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