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In World War I, a lot of technology and weapons were used; technology and strategies such as air combat, air reconnaissance, rifles, machine guns, grenades, tanks, infantry, artillery, poisonous gas, flame throwers, trench warfare and etc. All of these weapons and strategies availed the country’s armies but had advantages and disadvantages. They also help establish modern technology used today. Categories these weapons are arranged in are air technologies, weaponry, and chemical weapons.
Air technologies such as airplanes, reconnaissance planes, fighter planes, bombers, and zeppelins all played a vital role in air warfare. Regular and reconnaissance airplanes were mostly used for spying ...view middle of the document...

Artillery was another domination of trench warfare. It demolished heavily armed forts and trenches. Grenades and mines were extra battlefield weapons. Grenades were types of small bombs; they detonate by a little pin on the top when pulled. Mines were explosive devices that were placed directly on the ground or underground. They detonate when something passes over or is near the mine. Tanks were introduced by Great Britain in 1916. They were used to go over barbed wire in trench warfare. They could deflect regular gun bullets but not artillery shells. In summary, weaponry was vast advantages on attack strategies, defense, and leading to new and advanced guns in the future.

Chemical weapons such as poisonous gas and flamethrowers were used to debilitate, injure, and kill enemies and etc. Poisonous gas was the most feared weapons because of deadly agony and long suffering. Poisonous gas was proposed by a man named John Daughtly. There were many types of poisonous gas such as tear gas, chlorine, phosgene, mustard gas and etc....

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