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Technology: Recruitment Via Social Media Essay

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Background on social media
Social media are internet-based information tools and technologies used to share information and facilitate communications between internal and external audiences. There are various well-known social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter that come to mind when talking about social media in recruitments. According to the 2013 SHRM research, these social networks are the most commonly used for recruitment, with the vast majority of organization, about 94%, using LinkedIn, followed by Facebook (54%), twitter (39%) and other professional social network site other then SHRM Connect (29%)
Life before social media vs. life now
Before social media, people accessed the internet mainly to check their e-mails; they were physically social by meeting other people personally to communicate. Businesses were focused on using traditional mediums, such as TV, print, etc. to advertise their product and services. Nowadays, people have become virtually social; social media have made it easy for more meetings to be conducted through social networking rather than just meeting face-to-face. More and more businesses are investing a considerable amount of time and money to understand the use of social media and how it can benefit them.
On an HR standpoint, social media have played a huge role into employee recruitment. According to a 2013 survey from the SHRM conducted by Mulvey on social networking websites and recruiting/selection, more than three quarters (77%) of organization reported using social network sites to recruit potential job candidates. The article also stated that 80% of organizations said that the primary reason of using social networking for recruitment purposes was the ability to recruit passive job candidates who might not otherwise apply or become attracted by the organization.
How social media has affected recruitment
Social media in recruitment have affected both the candidate and the recruiter in various ways. In her article, Pratt stated that 44% of candidates said that they have been contacted about a job opportunity via social media. In 2013 alone, the vast majority of jobs were advertised though social media networks and not just on the job boards.
Nowadays, as people become more connected and even more familiar with social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, they are using these social networks to follow companies, search out jobs and gather more information on the company’s profile (“Pratt”).
The use of social media also affects the candidate’s decision-making process when it comes to applying for a job and accepting an offer. Those influencing factors include companies brand, social media presence and referrals (“Pratt”).
For the recruiter, social media has made it easy for them to access information that candidates are willing to share on their social network. Social media have offered various channels of communication between the recruiters...

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