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Mejia 7Flor MejiaEnglish 102Shondra O'MearaOctober 2, 2014Technology Rough DraftTechnology has allowed humanity the opportunity to communicate their voice through new and improved forms. One of the biggest ways in which one's voice is heard nowadays is through media. However, just because we are now allowed a new way to state our voices, it does not always mean it will be done for the better of others. Sometimes, mass media takes advantage of the power they know they have in the industry. Media violence has a negative influence on society because it encourages aggression, influences teenager's perspective on how they view themselves and others, and it targets violence towards certain groups.Media violence in video games has a connection with the encouragement of aggression on children. Children in today's generation are bombarded with screen technologies that give them the chance to take part in the video game world. According to Barbara J Wilson, a Paul C. Friedland Professorial Scholar and the head of the Department of Communication, "numerous experiments show that children will imitate violent behaviors they see on television, particularly if the violence is rewarded" (1). If a child is constantly viewing that a character in a show or movie is being rewarded for homicide, crime, or murder, they will believe there is no wrong in portraying and imitating this type of behavior. Furthermore, since a character is allowed to comport in such a manner, a child will not be able to distinguish the difference between a fictional and real world, so they will act in the same way the character does. Media violence has given children an open door to become more aggressive.Media violence in music videos also causes one to develop a more aggressive attitude. Although many believe violence can only be shown through a variety of video games, music videos have now been showing more and more acts of violence and many are unaware of its effect. After multiple research projects, "it was demonstrated that 15% of the music videos contain interpersonal violence" (Beresin 1). What is most alarming is that this means 15% of the music videos played in the food courts in the malls, music videos shown on MTV, and music videos that can be found by anyone with internet access incorporate in some way, shape, or form violence from one to another. We have transformed to a generation that sees what no other generation in history has had access to see; a new form of aggressiveness promoted wide in the open. Media violence can be promoted through music videos as well.Televised violence has also created a platform for aggression to be promoted to the youth and sometimes kids. Violence in movies and television shows portray heroes as violent by showing that they can beat the villain. Heroes are praised for their hard work in chasing the bad guys off. As a result, "[t]hey become role models for youth. It is "cool" to carry an automatic weapon and use it to knock off the "bad guys"'...

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