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I would recommend this school to anyone with a disability. The faculty targets and enormous age range so anyone with a disability can benefit from their services.
LD Online
LD Online is the world's leading website on learning disabilities and ADHD. The website serves more than two-hundred thousand parents, teachers, and professionals each month. The site's mission is to help children and adults reach their full potential by giving advice and information about learning disabilities and ADHD. It offers various information from active forums, helpful articles on how to manage the disorder, teaching strategies, monthly columns by professionals, and a Yellow Pages referral directory of ...view middle of the document...

I chose this site a resource file because this was the only website I found that talks about the rights of parents in regards to their child's education and homeschooling.
HSLDA offers a whole section on Visual Processing Disorder for parents. The section states different characteristics and lists examples that a parent could compare their child to, to see if they truly have the disorder. The site lists informal evaluations that can be performed at home before a parent decides to seek professional help. There is a resource page that describes various ways of correcting a child's vision acuity problems.
I would highly recommend the HSLDA to parents who are for their child receiving all the services and education needed for them to be successful in society.
Ldanl stands for the Learning Disabilities Association of Newfoundland and Labrador. They offer programs that center around building social competence and independence skills. Through various activities, social programs, and workshops the association strives to bring a better understanding of learning disabilities to the general population. Their vision is to have students with learning disabilities be identified and appropriately accommodated as early as possible, helping them to reach their full potential. Under their “Resources” tab they have an enormous amount of information on Visual Processing Disorders. Under this section they provide an in depth description of what the disorder is and gives examples of the warning signs and symptoms.
I would recommend this site to anyone who does not have a learning disability. The site gives information and descriptions for people who may not understand the disability. It also gives teachers and professionals a better insight on the disability and lets them know what to expect or to look out for in students in their classroom.
Easter Seals
Easter Seals offers disability services. This organization...

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