Technology: Revolution Or De Evolution Essay

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In the last thirty years technology has grown at an unbelievable rate. The concept of being connected used to mean a person had a lot of business contacts that could be called upon. In today’s world being connected means a person has email, internet, and text messaging on their cell phone. With cheap and readily available technologically, advanced gadgets are no further away than a trip to Wal-Mart. It is not uncommon to see anyone from a ten year old to an octogenarian whipping out a cell phone with more computing power than Apollo 1 had. Cell phones, GPS units, and computers all have gone from being conveniences to being a necessity that creates dependence. Technology is great, but today’s society is becoming increasingly overly reliant on technology, and loosing skills evolved over the centuries.
In 1981 IBM released the first “Personal Computer” the IBM 5150. At the time the IBM 5150 retailed for $1565 and included the system unit, keyboard and monitor. The amount of memory available for the user to store files was 16k or kilobytes, which would not be enough to store a three page term paper. (IBM Archives) These original “Personal Computers” were mainly used for playing games, word processing, or simple bookkeeping. At the time home computers were considered nothing more than expensive toys by many. Since then there has been an endless explosion of computer technology. Computers are more powerful and cheaper than ever, computers are also more prevalent than ever. People around the country, log on to their computers for more and more things every day. Email, paying bills, making movies, video conferencing, tracking finances, Facebooking, local and national news, stock reports, and checking weather, are just a few of the nearly endless list of things done on computers daily. The computer has gone from a toy, to a convenience, to a virtual necessity. Letters no longer have to be written by hand, just type it up on the computer and hit print. No need to use a dictionary to find a hard to spell word, just click spell check. Best of all, no need to go to the mail box, just type up an email and it will be delivered anywhere in the world, in an instant. Most every college today has courses available online that require no classroom time, no need to bother with human interaction, a person can get a degree without ever having to actually talk to a teacher. Many employers are opening positions for people to work from home. Forget having to get up and get dressed for work, now someone can accomplish their work at home, in the buff. With all of these great opportunities, what would happen if the computer would not turn on? Could one of today’s youth write a letter to the president of the computer company to complain? Without Google Maps how could one even find the Post Office to buy a stamp? As harsh as it sounds some people would have a hard time. Hopefully the GPS still works.
An article in GPS World magazine from 2007...

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