Technology’s Detrimental Effects On Communication Essay

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Recent advancements in technology, especially social networking, have severely hindered the communication skills of today’s society by promoting edited, impersonal and staged communication. Today’s society places a high value on websites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter; so much so, that it is startling when someone does not own a profile on a social network. The dependency on technological communication continues to reduce the ability of today’s generation to read body language, facial expressions, and to clearly vocalize what is important to them.
Technology has changed drastically in the past 50 years, and continues to grow and morph every day. Today’s youth and adolescents are seen with their heads down, texting on their cell phones, instead of looking up and conversing with the people around them. While individually, each of the components of a social networking website may seem useful and necessary, the sum of them is drastically diminishing the ability of society to function and communicate in the absence of this technology. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter allow users to update their profiles at any moment, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and now even from the very phone they use to text. These updates are all-encompassing and can range from life changing: “I Just found out I'm pregnant!” To the mindless minutiae of ‘I just ate a sandwich.” Social Networking sites have become to go-to-website for anything you’d want to do online. Through these sites, you can contact your friends and family, play games, take quizzes, get help with homework, and even cruise the dating scene through ‘applications’ on some websites. Since social networking sites can replace event invitations, purchased video games, conversations, student-teacher conferences and more, Society has long since come to depend on such features in a single website. I have personally witnessed the inability to coordinate an event with friends without the use of Facebook. There are many teens and adolescents who, without internet, wouldn’t know how to effectively socialize with real world individuals. The dependency on these websites is continually increasing as these websites grow in members, and it is effectively killing communication skills in today’s youth.
While men and women communicate differently from each other, there is still value placed on the physical time spent communicating, and a lot of bonding that can be lost without the physical closeness. Deborah Tannen helps to emphasize this point in her essay “Sex, Lies, and Conversation.” Although her essay focuses on the differences in communication between genders, there is also a heavy emphasis on the physical attributes of communication. Such as body language, tone, facial expression, and posture for beginners. Tannen explains the body language of two females conversing, “Also, when women talk to each other in a close, comfortable setting, they often overlap, finishing each other’s sentences and...

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