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Technology's Effect On Our Lives Essay

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Joyce sat down on his muddy boulder looking up into the ominous, infinite sky thinking how technology is addictive. Anzo, his neighbor, an amiable guy spots Joyce sitting alone with no one to console him. "Hey Joyce! What are you doing, buddy? What are you upset with?" Anzo questions him. "My brother just won't detach himself from his laptop and his electronic gadgets to play with me on the swings," his dismal mood deteriorates. "I get you, technology is a malevolent weapon that is bringing people apart and ruining relationships." Although, technology can be very useful, many people are convinced that technology hinders our ability to maintain relationships because it opens a path to cyber ...view middle of the document...

Social media can used on any device that has internet such as cell phones, tablets, and computers. Numerous forms of cyber bullying are revealed through text messages and creating websites such as blogs that swiftly increases the possibility for a person to be exposed in an embarrassing way.
In addition, in Ender's Game on page 50 Card wrote a quote: “COVER YOUR BUTT. BERNARD IS WATCHING.-GOD.”, (Card 50). In the novel Ender has hacked the system which is kind of social media and creates a fake identity named ‘GOD’ and cyber bullies Bernard by sending rude messages to him…After reading this message Bernard was embarrassed showed aggression. Bernard ended up reacting to the message using violence as it was very rude. This example of cyber bullying did not just happen to Bernard, it is happening to people all over the world. Technology makes one scared and hold up a guarded place. Therefore, technology prevents human beings to engage and interact with one another. Technology prevents humans to construct real and personal relationships.
Secondly, pseudonym is a major issue which is encouraged by technology. Pseudonym in different words means fake identity. Fake identities have been a huge controversy over the world. It is generally created by kids under the age of 13 and people who want to fool or hurt someone or has a motivation to do something but cannot do it in original identity. As internet is used by people of every age, it has infinitely various information that could be searched. Though internet also has some inappropriate data, and information like social media websites which cannot be accessed by kids under the age of 13("Some" 1). In spite of the rules, kids sneak a way through to enter websites like social media by creating fake identities. Kids put up fake information such as made up name and made up personal information.
The term refers to the act of having one or more false social media identitieson Facebook, Twitter or online dating websites, typically with a goal of fooling a romantic interest.
Ultimately, technology is more of a distraction for today's generation. Technology has become so advanced that everyone is dependent on technology. People use technology to do their work, to play games, use to talk to friends(social media) and other technology tools. If the tools are used too much then it is called a distraction, which makes one worry. For instance, "Many parents feel they are being left behind when it comes to technology and lack the confidence to be able support internet use effectively and knowledgably.",(Bednarz
It is a distraction because technology like video games, internet and other tools keep the people captivated so much that they never realize how the time passed away . As, technology like internet has infinitely many websites for social media, games, and other unnecessary activities which makes a person interested in that website so much. Due to this distraction one can lose many opportunities in...

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