Technology’s Impact Essay

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Technology’s Impact

Is the outgrowth of technology really a threat to college student?
“Hey are you in the room, Ashley?” Kate knocks the door.
“Hey I forgot my key, will you open the door for me,” Kate shouted.

After five minutes, Kate went next door and knocked on her suitemate’s door. Her suitemate opened the door for her. She went through the bathroom, and reached to her own room. As she opened the door she was shocked; actually there was more of an angry expression on her face.

“Ashley! Why didn’t you open the door for me? I told you I would be back in five minutes and I wasn’t bringing my key with me. Why did you lock the door? Didn’t you hear what I said? Now would you get away from your screen? I think we need to talk! We never talked since you setup your computer. I think we have a lot of problem now, we need to talk!” Again and again Kate repeated her phrase.

Ashley didn’t say a word and her hands kept punching her keyboard. Then she suddenly started to laugh. “Why are you laughing? What is so funny?” Kate shouted. Ashley didn’t say a word and kept punching her keyboard and kept giggling. Realizing that Ashley was IMing her internet buddies, Kate shrugged and left the room.

This is what I personally observed in James Madison University . It seems that the technology is taking control in our communication world. We hardly have any face-to- face conversation anymore because we stare at the screen most of the time. I read the article Luddite vs. Fetishist which was interesting. I then had the opportunity to create a survey to find out what our attitude toward technology is and how we really are addict to it.

Bill Henderson in his publication Luddite vs. Fetishist stated that computer and technology are “crap on a rock” and technologies made us suffer from a plague of gizmos. (Henderson, Barkow) Is technology really gizmos? Is that how everyone thinks? Or it is one of those ‘evil’ stereotyping phrase given by our society. However, most of our parents do believe that we spend most of our time in front of computer playing games and do not study much. I dislike that fact that society is stereotyping college students as the victim of the plague of gizmos, but I also believe that to certain degree we rely too much on technology. Therefore, I decided to investigate JMU’s students’ daily technology usage, opinion, and attitudes towards computers and technologies by giving out a survey. The surveys are composed of eleven questions including two demographic questions. I was aware of privacy issues so I only asked demographic questions that might affect the survey results. I made twenty copies of the survey and distributed them on January 24, 2003, around 10:00AM , Friday outside the hall of Burruss. (See attachment for the questions of survey part I) I distributed the twenty surveys to random students who walked by. Amazingly, the results of the survey stated only ten percent of college students spent most of their...

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