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Technology's Impact On Relationships Essay

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New technology can ruin relationships completely if people lack communication skills. Why would someone want to get to know someone without being face to face? What would they talk about when they are together? The relationship would become dull and boring; there is no way to avoid that. Communication is key; being able to use body language and tones in your voice so people won’t get the wrong idea is impossible over the Internet. Everyone has been in a situation when texting someone, and he or she says something that comes off offensive, and you are completely put off, and feel like you are put in an awkward situation. That rarely happens when you’re able to read people face to face .
Long distance relationships can be very successful using technology if people take advantage of the newer video chatting. My boyfriend lives in Mississippi, and I live here in Texas, but we see each other at least once a day or more. It’s like he isn’t in another state most of the time. Communication is key; if a relationship has no real communication then what is it? We started dating in high school when we could see each other as much as we wished; but then he left for Ole Miss. I was scared at first that this long distance would ruin us, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. New technology, such as FaceTime, and Skype has been very beneficial to our long distance relationship. He calls me on Skype/FaceTime every night, and we work on homework together, and just like if he was here with me; we laugh and are able to connect over a computer screen. This has been so good for us because we were always really close, but this made us even closer . Technology ruins a lot of relationships, because people tend to hide behind their computer screens, and texting machines. Long distance relationships can thrive off of technology. This has been my most spontaneous, fun, and passionate relationship. It’s lasted this long because of technology; being able to see him every night, and at lunch occasionally, and saying ‘Hello’ in the mornings. Being able to...

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