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Technology's Positive Effects On Modern Society And Education

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Technology’s Positive Effects on Modern Society and Education
For a typical American, reflection upon one’s blessings may be in order; it is easy to shift one’s focus away from the modern conveniences and innovations of today because technology is everywhere: everything from eyeglasses to drinking glasses to cell phones and the Internet. Today’s world is swarming and buzzing with technology and is, consequently, shaping itself into a place quite different from the one in which today’s adults were raised. Technology has played a major role in the development of modern global culture, and is still continuing to make lasting effects on all people, particularly the youth. The application of cutting edge technology is the loom which weaves together the people of the contemporary world to make a beautiful tapestry, crafting a globally intimate togetherness seldom found before. This togetherness, however, comes with a price, a newly formed stress that is trickling down from the professional realm to that of the students and children of America.
Many students today, if asked if they feel pressure from school, would answer that they do, in fact, feel stressed as their teachers rev up classes and lesson plans in preparation for intense new curriculum revisions like Common Core. A newly emerging, corporate-driven global culture is one that not only values, but outright demands intense minds of an entirely unprecedented caliber and insists on its demands being met (Crawford). The American education system has recognized the importance of meeting these demands and is consequently on the top of this curve of modification as it forms the minds of today’s youth into ones which transcend the bubble of industrialism, endeavoring deep within the mind to think, work, and fill skyrocketing quotas presented to them. Today’s youth must look to more outlets than traditional school, for they understand the challenge at hand: they are to ratchet up their intellectual capabilities in order to hold on to any notions of future employment, wealth, and acceptance from society (Crawford).
The average American’s I.Q. is represented by a number that has risen immensely since its origin--so much so that the entire scale for the system, which assigns people a number based on their intelligence and aptitude and sorts them accordingly, has had to be recalibrated every decade. This forward shift in the measured intelligence of the average American, not just the most elite, is aggressively driven by innovations melding together education and recreation that encompass the lives of nearly every person and challenge his mental dexterity as he keeps up with the schooling and entertainment of exponentially increasing complexity (Gladwell). These innovations in entertainment manifest themselves as television and video games. Video gamers are thrown into a world which is entirely different than their own, with its own sets of rules and challenges, and are then expected to make sense of it,...

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