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Aside from the enticement of unveiling dishonesty, technology in which utilized to progress a child’s education, similarly presents neglect in regards to their moment in collaboration. A fragment of a child’s well-being encourages practical physical activity together with the implementation relevant to sense of touch; these features play an enormous part in supporting productivity along sensory stimulus (Rowan). Rowan proclaims, “Young children require 2-3 hours per day of active rough and tumble play to achieve adequate sensory stimulation” (Rowan). Outdoor play and exposure to the natural world effortlessly provides far more benefits than sitting indoors watching a favorite show, browsing ...view middle of the document...

It is taking away from the necessary concentration and physical interaction where as both aid to an enriched wellness.
The theme of whether technology compromises any beneficial features is debatable. Some note that that technology does in fact disclose an advantage for children to a certain extent. Computers for example, they are equipped with useful programs such as Microsoft Word to help a child achieve quality, satisfactory work that they will feel assertive about handing in, all while bringing about a rise in self-esteem (qtd. in Kneas). Nowadays, you can walk into any store that carries office supplies and discover a variety of innovative educational programs available. Majority of these software packages are made to be strenuous, challenging a child’s intelligence, requiring them to think outside the box and intensify their primary expertise (Benefits of Technology). According to Dr. Perry, “There are a number of specialized programs that allow children with certain information-processing problems to get a multimedia presentation of content so that they can better understand and process the material”(qtd. in Kneas). He explains that in this case, screen time is considerably convenient. In his interview, Perry goes on to express, “We are hoping to use a variety of game-like models to teach kids language, to teach children about self-esteem, to teach children about the impact of trauma and how it can be overcome … I think that when these technologies are actually used for more than entertainment we're going to see tremendous positive benefits” (Kneas).
A different study, on the contrary, considers that introducing technology into classrooms is potent in the way that it brings about enthusiasm and the desire to learn. I conclude that technology that is properly conducted can and will effectuate advantages towards child development. In Facing the Screen Dilemma, Susan Linn et al. mention, “Setting limits on the time young children spend with screen technologies is as important as monitoring content is for their health, development, and learning” (5). Technology can easily be perceived as a destructive drawback to a child’s growth and for that reason watchful supervision is greatly advocated.
"Media technology is here to stay and has become a permanent part of our lives” (Sara). Technology is progressively expanding and whether we are in favor of it or not, it is only going to continuously advance. It affects our everyday life however; we beyond doubt are capable of managing how much control it truly has over our lives. The key in achieving healthy physical, behavioral and psychological development in children is conclusively left in the hands of adults. To ensure that technology use is not abused, speaking on children, adults have to take a stance and set restrictions. Enforcing limitations on technology is going to reduce the probabilities of sanctioning the participation of the destructive effects it holds. Adults constantly strain that...

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