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Technology Stress Persuasive Essay

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IntroductionMore and more employees are experiencing stress at work due to technology. They may be coping with too much pressure, long hours or rapid change. The nature of employment has now changed, and the idea of a job for life has been replaced by an emphasis on performance. More mergers and acquisitions are taking place within, and across, national and cultural boundaries and are causing many changes within the workplace, all of which can contribute to stress.Technology StressIn the last few decades, the world has been witness to the greatest revolution in the history of humanity. This revolution has spanned all borders, conquered all nations, and reengineered the way people live and communicate with each other. It has passed through every aspect of life in all social and economic brackets throughout the world, and has taken over the vast majority of governmental and business processes. It has resulted in the total destruction of entire industries, and has given rise to countless others. It is the revolution of technology.National Journal's Technology Daily states, "E-mail is a key cause of job-related stress, according to a recent study by the Australian Psychological Society. Australian IT reports that the survey of 1087 managers down-under revealed that e-mails made 69% of the managers surveyed feel more stress. The technology had raised expectations that things could be done more quickly and created a heightened sense of urgency. Many managers also reported they were swamped by the amount of e-mails they received, many of which contained multiple, complicated demands. For a quarter of managers, e-mailing takes up about a third of their working time."Nevertheless, this revolution of data and productivity has come at a price. The demands created by technological advances have caused increased stress levels in the majority of the American workforce. Therefore, believing almost 85% of working Americans have at least some anxiety around technology. Larry Rosen, co-author of the book Techno Stress, claims, "There's still a lot of fear and loathing about these machines. As many as 85% of us have at least some level of discomfort around technology and including personal computers. Technology has led to an increase in productivity, but has fostered a new corporate dilemma.Mitigate Technology Related StressTechnology related stress is an issue for all organizations that seek to leverage its benefits towards maximizing productivity. A variety of mechanisms have been determined that will assist in the mitigation of this type of stress. Someone anonymous stated, "An "extranet"- a growing technology still unfamiliar to many is a method for two companies, such as two contractors on one project, to collaborate over the Internet. In effect, two intranets connect with each other and employees use the same off the shelf Web browsers to access the other company's data. Extranets can connect an intranet to suppliers and trading customers, even customers."Job...

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