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Technology: The Biggest Baddest Monster Under The Bed

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Technology: The Biggest, Baddest Monster Under the Bed
As our innovative world is rapidly moving into the future, technology is being invented and innovated at every turn. This technology ranges from top-notch video game systems to microscopic robots made to perform internal surgery. Although these impressive technological improvements were recently made, they are not entirely beneficial because this technology damages our social and learning skills, while also damaging us as humans.
​People across the globe have realized the same thing I did, and many professionals and authors have performed studies and wrote books and articles to prove that technology is robbing us. A particular article ...view middle of the document...

The child is now losing patience with his Wi-Fi when it could be an easy fix, such as a blown fuse. Martin goes on to talk about Declined Writing Skills. In today’s futuristic world, shortcuts are made literally everywhere, especially in technology. When students are assigned a formal paper to write, they may catch themselves using “u” instead of “you” due to the slang that is extremely common in digital communication. Lastly, Martin talks about the Lack of Physical Interactivity. What she is saying is that modern technology has created such a convenient way to communicate. This form of communication involves no face-to-face contact. Over a long period of time, this can result in people, especially the current youth, losing communication skills that could be vital to our future such as presentation skills and one-on-one communication used in situations such as job interviews.
​Another article focusing on the negative effects of technology on society is “5 Ways Technology has Negatively Effected Families” by Kim Williamson. The difference of this one is that is focuses specifically on family issues. Williamson first mentions that School Performance is affected by the distraction of TV and the Internet. Kids can easily pull out their iPhones and go onto the Internet in a matter of seconds. During school, kids only want to use their technology to aid their boredom and that does not help their learning. Williamson then brings up the fact that Quality Time is being taken away from families due to excessive use of technology. Children across the world are too busy refreshing their Twitter feed instead of spending time with their families. Next, the article talks about a Less Empathetic Generation. As Martin mentioned in her article, the easy communication via the Internet will rob us of social skills, including empathy. Williamson also explained that there are now Blurred Boundaries. This is mostly geared towards adults and what I mean by Blurred Boundaries is that companies now provide employees with smartphones and laptops solely for the purpose of working while on break. This blurs the boundary of work and relaxation. Lastly, Williamson says that a good name for our generation is the “Inside” Generation. This refers to...

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