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The way all humans being live and grow the technology too, because it adjusts on every change, every step that it takes, which covers the human’s needs and like always been the main tool for surviving since the human race started. The technology is constantly upgrading and perfecting each day, related of the needing and the comfortably required to make easier the life of the humanity. Passing the years and each year is getting more complex and easy to use for all of us; it started for the needing to feeding, fishing, agriculture and hunting, now it’s everything and more fashion, educational, labor and entertaining uses. On each one of the multiple uses are related for the main reason that it exists make the life more easy and more comfortable, and sometimes ergonomic too, all depends to main purpose it was made for, like the reason that it was generated is related of the utility that may have, can involves a different paths education, labor, science and health, entertainment, communication. Can be chosen for whatever purpose that it takes, it been seen a great and biggest inventions, creations in the passes ages it’s only the beginning.
The human’s mind and the technology they stay together because it only requires one thought and a couples of hands to recreate or create a new tool, called technology, it would be existing until an intelligent being still living. Created and needed it for us, then the main sources is the knowledge, creativity, vision through the future looking for a prosperity and social stability, each day has seen a diversity of products, services, automobiles, pharmaceutics; there is a notable difference between a couple of years before and even ages before. It’s related the social needs, the educational, labor and health needs, it’s the only things that may not changes that all because are primary needs, everything have a need, a purpose, an objective and a specific benefited person. Now days have primordial needs, we require communicating, we require establish stable relationship with mates, co-workers, family and friends providing us an easy way to get into, a way to be able to have interview, meetings a social unit like everything on this life have their cons and pros, one side it make us depend for an object, in some kind of points make us unable to do ours task by ourselves, can be limited it for us.
We also reduce our creativity to generate another creation by example if already a “bicycle” we simply “upgrading” an object that already exist than creating another much better. In the social network medias, because at the beginning was created to establish contact for important reasons, now the people use to wasting their time writing or publishing things that are not necessary to expose. But in the other way to look for a positive way is that can help us to promoting ourselves for a job, can...

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