Technology Transfer And Process Safety Management

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1. Introduction
The purpose of this project is to investigate to any topic relevant to Technology Transfer. In this report I will be investigating on Process safety management. Safety on work place is one of the priority element management of the manufacture put in front, should fix the rules to follow, monitoring. Some area where the standards have to be applied such as in chemicals sections, transportation of materials and fabricated metal products, gas, electric services. Incident communication is about sharing of information about incident management between the decision makers and regulators and stakeholders. Parties can communicate at any stage of the risk management process. The ...view middle of the document...

Process safety management is solutions to avoid, opposite or minimize security risks.
 Before dealing with safety issue, preventive controls are intended to prevent an incident from occurring
 When they are doing that action, detective controls are intended to identify and characterise an incident in progress.
 When the incident issue is finish, corrective controls are in charge to limit the extent of any damage caused by the incident.
Ex: recover for the manufacture to normal working status quick as possible.
Process safety management to success must adapt to the local culture, as culture influence value in workplace. When manufacture introduce new product or plant ensure that all conditions are meet the specifications such as: Environment, Area that plant introduced in, waste, manufacture risk assessment, safety of employees and manufacture equipment, ATEX assessment and rated equipment. To achieve this process safety management use HAZOP to ensure the compliance of OSHA (Occupation safety and healthy application).

Process safety management Elements
1. Accountability
2. Process Knowledge and Documentation
3. Capital Project Review and Design Procedures
4. Process Risk Management
5. Management of Change
6. Process and Equipment Integrity
7. Human Factors
8. Training and Performance
9. Incident Investigation
10. Company Standards, Codes and Regulations
11. Audits and Corrective Actions
12. Enhancement of Process Safety Knowledge
3. Process safety Information
Process safety information is conducted before the process start and hazards analyse by the standard with all parties involved equipment will be working on that process. [2] Process safety information is to enable the employer and the employees involved in operating the process to identify and understand the hazards posed by those processes involving highly hazardous chemicals.
3.1 Hazard of the Chemicals Used in the Process
As manufacture bring new product or new plant there are element to be consider if they meet their standard. Must check if chemical used in process will not affect the population around the plant, if there are no school around in case of noise, is there any waste management strategic. [3] Process technology safety regulation, and process equipment is important that an active process safety management (PSM) program and to a process hazard analysis (PHA). The collected information can be an important supply to a variety of users including the group working on the process hazard analysis as needed by PSM; those increasing the training programs and the operating procedures; whose temporary employees will be performing on the process [3]; those conducted before reviews take place; as well as local emergency preparedness planners, and insurance and enforcement officials. Material safety data sheet (MSDS) information can be used to help meet this but must be supplemented with process chemistry information, including huge reaction and...

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