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Technology & Us Essay

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Every morning I wake up searching my bed for my phone. Flipping sheets and pillows until my phone appears. I lay back in bed and check my Facebook, Snapchat and Reddit. Telling myself that i'll get out of bed in fifteen minutes but I get absorbed into my phone and that fifteens minutes turn into thirty minutes. I start to do the rest of chemistry homework but in five minutes I lose my concentration and I reach for my phone without thinking. I end up doing my homework last minute before class. I always tell myself that I got to do my homework right after school. But that never happens because the same thing that always happens in the morning, Its a endless cycle. While I was typing up this ...view middle of the document...

Also apps like snapchat, a picture with only one line of words, Nicholas Carr is right about us losing our focus, its happening to everyone who uses the internet.

Another good point from Daniel Goleman is that the children of today are addicted to machines. In machines he means phones, tablets, computers etc. That children depend on them everyday to do homework. To look up answer but not to learn it from reading a textbook or a passage. This an epidemic that affects the childrens learning skills because they can google the answer instead of working for it. Another thing Daniel Goleman mentions is that we as a people are already use a lot of technology as a daily part of our lives. Look at the future and how technology will grow dramatically and be more integrated with our lives then it was ever before. How dependent people will be on technology as it was there mother. I agree with Daniel Goleman because I see with my own eyes how technology making us more dependent on it. How its becoming apart of ours schools requirements to have a chromebook for classes, having an email and much more.

According to the Infographic, the average attention span is five minutes long compared to ten years ago it was twelve minutes long. This shows the effect of the internet has caused on the people today. Also people are starting to forget names of family members, their own birthdays and what they put on the stove. Twenty five percent of people forget close friends and families names. Seven percent forget their own Birthday. In the United Kingdom last year, they spent 1.6 billion euros because of their lack of concentration damages . Thats about...

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