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Technology Uses In Early Start English Program

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I. Introduction
This assessment project examines types of platforms and software that could be used to assess students’ course placement decisions, and to help identify freshmen ESL candidates at CSU Stanislaus. Data collected in this project will also help faculty to consider changes to implement in the Early Start English program.
Research Questions and Purpose
Schools and universities throughout the country recognize the value of incorporating online platforms for educational purposes (NMC). These platforms or software programs will help expand the reach of education for students, faculty, and administrators. However, the problem that most educators face is choosing among the many available software that would be beneficial for their setting. To reiterate, this research will examine multiple platforms and/or software for the purpose of decision-making to reiterate:
1. Which online platform would be most beneficial?
2. Which online platform is preferred in terms of budget?
Researching online platforms and software programs can provide an indicator of categorizing student levels, and of how well our school’s performance in implementing the Early Start English program.
Together, the Educational Testing Service and the CSU system’s faculty created the EPT in order to ensure that incoming students are placed in English courses that would be appropriate to their educational levels. The EPT is not an admissions test. Instead, it is a test designed to place students at suitable English courses and/or remedial courses if students do not meet established “college-readiness” requirements. If student scores do not meet EPT criteria, an alternative summer program called the Early Start program is recommended as a form of remediation.
The Early Start program is mandated by the California State University Office of Chancellor’s Executive Order (EO) 1048 to help students who score below the EPT’s cutoff score (currently 147) to begin the remediation process before students begin their first regular academic semester. Executive Order 665 requires all students to have achieved proficiency in English and/or Mathematics on or before the end of their first year of enrollment at a CSU campus (CSU). In addition, Early Start students can also access financial aid such as the State University Grant (SUG) or a CAL Grant during the summer session prior to regular attendance.
Starting summer of 2012, California State Universities were required to implement the Early Start program for summer courses. These changes took place within the first six months of that year (CSU). The program was hastily implemented in the summer and consequently lacks program effectiveness.
The method used in this research involves web search engines to decipher information about online platforms and/or software programs. In addition, interviewing and gathering data from faculty members at CSU San Francisco, CSU Sacramento, and CSU Fresno pertaining to technology uses...

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