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Technology Vs Reality Essay

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Technology has been advanced tremendously; it first started from inventing things such as radios, televisions, telephones, and computers. Today everyone uses all these electronics, and everyone has all this electronics. When you are at work you see people using their smartphones or looking at the internet in their computers, or at home watching TV, or playing video games, and everyone are so engrossed in what they are doing in their electronics. In the past not everyone had a TV, computer, phone, or maybe not a radio- most people in the past would probably have a radio because before TVs were invented, the radio was used to entrained people. They had to listen to stories that were like a TV ...view middle of the document...

The reason he took a year off without the Internet was because he wanted to find himself, and wanted to see who he was without the use of the internet. About age 12 he started to use the internet, and since then he grew up with the use of the internet. His job required using internet, and when he would get home he played video games for fun, so it came to the point that he decided that he did not wanted to use the internet for year. On April, 30th, 2012 at 11:59pm he was off the internet for the whole year. As he was starting it was going very well, and loved it, he said that it felt like a relief to him, and it was fun for him to actually go in a library and do research, and look up in a atlas to get somewhere. He visited his brother and sister, and he felt close to his sister because for the first time he would actually listen to her, and she even like the new him because he was not so into the internet. Everything was going so good and exciting at first, but later on close to the end of the year he started to get bored, and realized that leaving the internet was doing worse for him. He was not seeing the “real” him, and that the real him was someone who loves using the internet. That is true though using the internet does not define us, and it does not excuse us for not going out or what we miss out. The reason because we sometimes feel like we are missing out is because we are the ones who become so addicted to the internet. When we come home we either watch TV or use the internet, but we never come home and talk to a relative or spouse about how was our day, we just want to realize and forget about the stress, so using the technology gives us that. We have no control when it comes to use technology.
Most of the conflicts we all have are not being communicated with each other. Mostly no one really does that, we rather be watching TV or being in the internet than talking. When I was doing the vow of technological abstinence I realized that everyone the surrounded me were all into their smartphones, and no one would talk to anyone. It was completely silence. You would think that people would rather be talking to someone than being on Facebook and Instagram. As I was sitting there watching everyone being in their smartphones I did not notice how the technology has all of us so engrossed in the internet, it is like if we are in our little own world or inside a cave. In article “The Allegory of The Cave” by Plato it talks about a prisoner inside a cave, and he had this illusions of a fantasy, and when the sun would approach him his eyes will be dazzled because he was not use to it. This reminded in how technology is, the technology is our caves where...

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