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How Do We Achieve That Vision And O Vercome The Obstacles

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How Do We Achieve That Vision and Overcome the Obstacles
To achieve my vision of the incorporation of technology in education for Canada there are five main goals as mentioned above, they are: activating real education reform, proactively strategizing for technology implementation, empowering staff with long-term comprehensive training, redistributing technology investments across schools within each province, and creating and supporting virtual classrooms. While these goals are advantageous even accepting they’re only feasible on a time-scale of at minimum 5 years, the obstacles and failed attempts that surround them can be overcome. To display how, each goal will be phrased as a question with the answer following as well as a discussion surrounding potential or known obstacles to the success of the goal.
How will we change teachers’ views surrounding education and convince them to adopt and successfully implement a constructivist approach? The answer is two-fold, prepare teachers before they are teachers and provide support once they are teachers. Changing the curriculum taught to university students that are in education so that they move into the workforce as teachers one day that start right from the beginning of their careers teaching in a constructivist style would play a large role in changing the pedagogy for all teachers. Support for teachers in relation to this question should first be in the form of teacher reviews. While that may seem counterintuitive to support, reviews are the best way for a school to give support to its teachers because a review reveals in what ways a teacher needs support. Second, there should be support provided by a school’s administration for reform, innovation, and risk taking. If a teacher will be reprimanded because they are attempting to teach in a constructivist style which they have not yet perfected, they will never gain the experience doing it to have a chance to perfect it. With support from the administration, support from other staff and teachers should follow. Support can evolve into collaboration and peer education among teachers on how to better to teach using constructivism. A problem arises because teachers typically report they agree that constructivist teaching is more effective to achieve student learning goals, but the empirical research into how many teachers actually use a constructivist method in the classroom does not align with the reported teacher beliefs. The best way to align the reported beliefs of teachers with the strategies they use in the classroom is to praise and reward those who utilize it so that other teachers can follow in their footsteps as well as see the benefits of doing so.
How will we intelligently purchase technology only after the purpose and plan for the technology has been established and aligned with schools’ goals surrounding student learning? First and foremost, the mindset that technology needs to be purchased because it will be the future needs to be...

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