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In an article by, they report that doctor's are now using Macromedia's Flash technology as a way to create their program Blue Iris. Blue Iris is a way to look up test results, prescribe medications, check medical histories, and even add diagnosis and treatment information to a patient's records. Flash seemed to be a better fit than their alternative's, Microsoft's .net, and Java software.Mite Corp. is experienced in Java, and Microsoft's .Net applications, but thought that Flash was better suited to ...view middle of the document...

Flash MX 2004 is Macromedia's latest version of the Flash programs, and seems to be better suited for larger projects.The Malone, N.Y. hospital is planning on releasing Blue Iris to its medical staff next month it is expected to have 100 users, including the doctors on duty, and their staff. By the first quarter of next year the hospital is planning to deploy the software to its four outer clinics, which will add another couple dozen users to the program. Blue Iris is currently used for hospitals with fewer than one thousand beds.Thanks to Flash's flexibility in interface designing Mitem was able to put duplicate's of the forms doctors use when examining patients into Blue Iris. Mike Kelly, information services director for Alice Hyde Medical Center says that "Physicians are very busy, productive people who often don't have time to learn new technologies, so the more we can make technology fit current methodologies the more likely it will be successful." Flash systems helps make the new technology fit current methods, so, it looks as though Blue Iris has a great chance to be, TechWeb News, No credited writer

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