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Emerging technology has evolved over the past two decades to improve mankind. Today’s communities are growing and connecting in ways that one hundred years ago our ancestors would never have dreamed about. There are many benefits and concerns with each change that occurs. Personal freedom and privacy are recent issues that are occurring in the United States. The main issues facing emerging technology in regards to internet content are; technology is changing rapidly and storage can be difficult, online communication is limiting privacy for people, and online content has a major influence on present society.
Today technology is developing rapidly often the changes are so quick it is hard to keep up to date on emerging technologies. Many consumers enjoy the upgrades but often do not consider that changes can leave old data and information behind. Twenty five years ago, people were using floppies disk to store data. Technology has evolved and today even a cell phone has more storage then early personal computers. After all the emerging technology often it is difficult to find old software or devices to retrieve old data. Although it is a challenge many institutions are overcoming the challenges to preserve information. One of effective development on the field to the altering new technology is occurring in libraries. In the article “Archiving Writers Work in the Age of E-Mail,” Steve Kolowich stated that “archivists should be knowledgeable to new technology in order to transfer data from old technology to another (101). In the library system, people already have technique to preserve papers but digital data requires new machines to transfer from old data to new technology.
Kolowich stated that there are three important preparations that are transforming digital data; new equipment, training for their archivists and knowing about writers. These changes even evolve large companies like Google. Google has leaded the way in developing many of the technologies people enjoy online but they also have began cataloging books in a controversial way. According to Rober Darnton in his article “Google’s Loss: The Public’s Gain,” libraries have supplied Google with many out of print books. Google has created digital copies and provided the content to online users for free. However, publishers and authors have protested that publishing the information without consent is a violation of copyright laws.(98) After several years in court, Google lost a large lawsuit for publishing the content. However, the same publishers do not go after libraries for providing the books to patrons free of charge. Darnton article helps to support the argument that Google making information easier to access and that information they provide can have a positive impact on society.
The information that companies such as Google have provided online have change how people interact. Today, people spend more time communicating online rather than face-to-face. In the article “ The End of...

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