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When you think of the early American Wars such as the war of 1812, who do you think of? Andrew Jackson? Lord Liverpool? Charles De Salaberry? Those names come to mind. But what about the Native Americans? Native Americans played a major part in our wars. Certain Native Americans such as Tecumseh played a big part in the war, yet they aren’t even mentioned as much as the other generals and commanders.
In 1768, presumably around what is now Cleveland Ohio, Tecumseh was born. His father, a Shawnee Indian chief named Puckeshinwa, and his mother Methotaske, was another Shawnee Indian who little is known about. During the late 18th centenary, the Shawnee tribe was being threatened by white colonization, because the boundary that protect their tribe, The Quebec Act of 1774, set up by Great Britain, was removed during the American Revolution. At this point the Americans began to rid the country of the Native Americans they thought so little of. The Americans fought separate tribes and small collections of tribes and started to take the land. These attacks were not taken lightly by the Native Americans. This resulted in 3 major battles throughout the Ohio territories, which are believed to be participated by in Tecumseh. The second battle, a battle in 1791, is the first one that has solid proof of Tecumseh’s involvement. During the 1791 attack on Fort Wayne Miami, he served as a scout of warriors on the confederacy. During the second battle in 1794, Tecumseh showed his great bravery. As other men were retreating, he led a group of natives and charged a group of Americans, got to the horses they had, cut them lose, and then fled out of the battle. This helped the men get away faster, saving many lives with his quick thinking. Shortly after, within a year’s time, the treaty of Greenville saw the Native Americans giving up control of the Ohio territories in 1795. They were forced to sell their land to survive because the American settlers where over hunting the animals the natives once lived off of, making food scarce. This caused a kind of dependency on the White settlers, because without them to sell the land to the, natives wouldn’t have been able...

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