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There IS a connection between murderous beings, such as Ted Bundy and Charles Manson, and a common high school bully. Such characters share similar traits such as a lack of remorse/shame/guilt and changing themselves if they know it will help keep them from being found out. This is known as sociopathy. The connection between the two characters listed earlier, is that the root of their behavior stems from their childhood. More specifically, it stems from their upbringing. A child who suffers from maltreatment or neglect are two very common problems. There is even the opposite of neglect, a parent who praises and pushes their child to do their best, throughout their entire life, until the child finally snaps. How a young child is treated from the moment they are born to adulthood can immensely affect the kind of person they become. If signs of sociopathy are found early on enough in the child’s life, something can be done about it.
From when a child is born, to adulthood, everything done because of them, to them, or in front of them leaves a “puzzle piece” in their brain. By the time they have reached the age of 16 and up, they most likely have already decided or already have become the kind of person they want to be. What they have witnessed and experienced throughout the years of their upbringing has left enough puzzle pieces for them to piece together the type of person they will be. If the child witnesses abuse, they will remember that. If the child witnesses prejudice and racism, they will remember that. If the child witnesses the complete opposite of that, such as acceptance, fairness, and acts of love; they will remember that. From the ages of ten to fifteen, research shows that “early adolescent brain goes through a growth spurt just before puberty and then a period of “pruning,” when heavily used connections between parts of the brain are strengthened and unused connections deteriorate”(Salyers and McKee, The Young Adolescent Learner, http://www.learner.org/workshops/middlewriting/images/pdf/W1ReadAdLearn.pdf). The connections that are built result from what they experience growing up.
Sociopath’s are the way they are for two reasons. The first reason being they are simply born that way. Nobody knows if sociopathy is hereditary, but sometimes no matter how you raise your child, they will just grow up to become a manipulative, hateful person. The second reason being because of their upbringing like stated earlier. It almost always stems from how the child was raised. Look at some infamous sociopaths. Charles Manson was neglected as a child when his fifteen year old mother gave birth to him, neglected her new child to go party, and later went to jail for half a decade. Ted Bundy was never raised by his real parents, but instead by his timid obedient grandmother and his “tyrannical, abusive, bigot of a grandfather” who would beat his wife, the family dog , and occasionally Ted himself. Two of the most infamous sociopathic criminals known...

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