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Ted Bundy: The Creation Of A Serial Killer

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Is Ted Bundy an average serial killer? What do you think of when you hear the words serial killer? Generally a serial killer is a person who looks for young and weak victims, most typically women, because they are the weakest, and cannot fight back to defend themselves. As stated by Serge-Moses Pakhomou “The term ‘serial killer’ was coined by Robert Ressler (Ressler & Shachtman, 1992, 1997) in the 1970s in order to replace the label of ‘stranger killings’, and in order to reflect the repetitive (in series) nature of those murders” (219). Ted Bundy is not the typical serial killer, he is very different, because he had a preference of woman he wanted to kill. “This group of offenders who committed a series of sexually motivated murders is referred to as serial killers in the present research” (220). It is also almost as if he is a celebrity murderer; he is so well known and popular, but nobody truly knows how messed up he was. Bundy did not go out and randomly attack young and weak people. He had a type. There are a few factors in the creation of this serial killer; Ted Bundy, which are a hard childhood life, pornography, and the rejection from his beloved Stephanie Brookes.
Ted Bundy did not have the best or easiest life growing up. According to Rachael Bell, when Ted was growing up, he had no idea who is father was and he was led to believe that his grandma and grandpa were his parents, and that his mother was his sister. They did this because they wanted to protect his mother from ridicule and prejudice of being an unwed mother. Bell also informs us that when Ted was age 4, he and his mother moved and she married a man named John. Bundy never had anything to do with his stepdad, even though he made subtle efforts to include him. He had a desire to always be alone, and this could lead up to his inability to socially interact comfortably with others (Bell). He was the kid who always got picked on in school, and he did not enjoy having to go. High school was better for him, this was when he met the girl of his dreams, Stephanie Brookes.
Stephanie Brookes, the girl who played a big role in Ted Bundy’s life but didn’t even realize how much. She was Ted’s first everything; his first girlfriend, first love, and the first woman he became sexually involved with. Ted didn’t seem to have any future goals, and Stephanie had high hopes for her future; they were not a very compatible couple. When she realized this, she ended her relationship with Ted. She told him about how she wasn’t happy in their relationship anymore, because of his immature lifestyle. On top of all that to beat up his ego some more, she told him that he did not satisfy her sexually and how much it made her unhappy. Ted Bundy targeted women that looked like the young woman he had been involved with for so long. The rejection from the love of his life caused him to rely on pornography to satisfy himself more than he did when he was younger. He surprisingly never killed Stephanie...

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