Ted Bundy Was A Brutal Serial Killer

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Ted Bundy was a brutal serial killer. He was also very charming and handsome to
the ladies, which made it easier to prey on them. He admitted to killing over twenty
people just before his execution. Many families were relieved when he was finally
Ted Bundy thought of himself as very smart, because he was able to outsmart the
authorities multiple times throughout the years of being a serial killer ( Gerdes 41).
His victims of choice were young, college age, women ( Gerdes 128). He was in
Colorado, on trial, for the brutal murder of a twenty-three year old woman. He used his
intelligent mind to escape the prison. He went on and made his way to Florida for no
apparent reason. He went to the Chi Omega House at Florida State University and
unleashed his wrath on some of the students. He killed one student named Lisa Leavy.
He also injured a couple other students severely. One and a half hours later, just after visiting the Chi Omega House, Ted killed another student just six blocks away. Later, the police were trying to pull him over for a minor traffic violation when he fled causing them to chase him. Shortly, they realized he was in a car stolen from near the Chi Omega House. Just days before he killed a twelve year old girl. They finally caught him and he was arrested. After the Chi Omega incident two students dropped out and one committed suicide
Bundy acted as his own attorney, and was also very good at it (Gerdes 128). He made himself look innocent through just about anything the authorities threw...

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