Ted Conover´S Newjack And On Becoming A Correctional Officer

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Ted Conover was from a relatively high class upbringing with good professional accomplishments and education. He was a journalist who came up with an idea to become a correction officer because he was denied access by the Department of Corrections from conducting interviews or research on intuitional grounds about the lives of correctional officers.
In his book Newjack he spoke of a variety of things pertaining to prison life at Sing Sing. As a new Correctional Officer coming into the ranks myself, or Newjack as he describes it I can relate to many of the issues he spoke about. Issues like when he talked about putting his game ...view middle of the document...

He needs to adapt to the Inmates and the way their lives run and being consistent even with the many changes that could arise. He needs to be able and understand the fellow officers that he will be working with and be a professional at all times.
This seems like it could take maybe even longer than a four to five years in some cases. Correctional Officer’s needs to adapt to their surroundings and learn the environment they are dealing with. This will help and prevent them on making decisions to quickly or harshly. Trust is something that is not given so easily in prison so a good officer needs to develop a good relationship with his fellow officers and Inmates alike as being honest and fair to all.
I think one of the challenges I may have to face is being able to leave my personal feelings aside. It must be hard for a person do this. To have knowledge of ones crimes and then being un-judgmental with the offender of those crimes must prove to be a challenge on its own. This will be something I intend to keep in the back of my mind at all times, and try to be as fair as possible. So when I go home at night I’ll need to know the difference between Home life and Prison life. I wouldn’t want to inadvertently turn my family life into a work environment. I would like to be able and live with my family as a family and try to keep work as work.

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