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Teen Abortion Essay

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National Abortion Federation (2010) reported that American women between the ages of 15 and 19 account for about 19% of all abortions and older teenagers has the highest abortion rates. Recently, the abortion debate on autonomy, rights and the way in which society views the reason for abortion. Health professionals have an ethical obligation to against a non-reasonable for abortion but still have rights to provide abortion in cases where fetal abnormality has been detected following prenatal diagnosis (McGuinness, 2009). Therefore, it is crucial that health professionals understand the basic of the abortion debate, from the perspective of their own professions, a whole society and the woman who may have had or is considering an abortion or has been affected by this issue. The idea of abortion relates with many complicating issues such as sex, morals, and choices, thus, it is important to explore these many issues based on a true story to fully understand the ethical considerations that surround abortion dilemmas from a teenager who have had abortion. The case involved in this paper is considered in a scope of unprotected sex, a lack of self-control, and religious value and emphasizing the reasonable aspects of abortion in a perspective of a teenager involved in abortion. The fact of the true issue of abortion is the outcome of the life of the mother and the unborn child if it had not been terminated.
Case: A 19-year-old girl, who is a closed friend of mine, consulted me with a complaint of nausea and vomiting. She confessed she had been sexually active for several months and had not taken any precaution. Her period has been missing for over 3 months. I bought a home pregnancy tests for her and it showed that she is pregnant, as we suspected. She said with tears over her face that she wished to get an abortion and kept everything a secret from her parents. I knew that her parents will shock if told of the pregnancy and she would not approve of an abortion but at that time she was a student, unmarried and the most scariest thing was she had a relationship with a married man. Her pregnancy and having a baby will resulting in expelled from school, family’s shame, and being sued by a man’s wife. I was a nursing student with less experience at that time and I agreed with her that there were no other options open for her except abortion. After a short discussion then my friend made a quick decision to get an abortion. Although we both were concerned about sin but we still searched for an abortion clinic. Regarding to abortion is prohibited by law in my country therefore, all of them were illegal. I accompanied my friend to two clinics and we ran away a minute after we got into those clinics because we were too frightened to deal with the real issues in abortion. I told my friend to have her baby’s father to take a responsibility for this problem. Then, he took my friend to one clinic and she finally had an abortion. My friend was extremely upset,...

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