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Did you know that lighting a typical office overnight wastes enough energy to heat water for one thousand cups of tea (Climate Care.org). This is only one of many examples of how we waste power and Carbon dioxide. Almost everything we do releases carbon dioxide emissions, and in different amounts. We can save money and CO2 by reducing our carbon footprints, which is the total quantity of greenhouse gases that someone produces. Although we don’t think about them very often, a carbon footprint is part of everyone’s life because it’s measured on things we use, our actions create and waste CO2, and several people have worked to find energy saving ways to reduce them and help the environment.
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The calculator may ask questions that someone may not be familiar with having anything to do with a carbon.
Carbon footprints may add up the total amount of CO2 we produce, but it’s important to know where it comes from. Jones, Christopher M. has found that transportation is how most CO2 emissions are produced. All of the cars and airplanes driven put carbon dioxide into the air. It’s easy to see how this can be seen as an issue, because of how many millions of people drive cars daily. However, not all CO2 used is from something typically expected. For example; electricity, cooking and making food, health care, and making clothing all create different amounts of CO2 (coolclimate.berkeley.edu). This matters a lot because people use these products just like transportation, and combined generate tons of CO2 that most don’t suspect. The main reason for this would be the factories that produce the products generate CO2 emissions while using machinery. Because our society uses carbon for so many different things, it’s important to know that this can harm the environment and waste energy.
It’s important that we try to reduce our carbon footprints in order to cut back on energy usage. When we conserve energy, we let off less CO2 emissions. This is true for both vehicles and lighting a building or business. For example; we can stop a waste of CO2 by thinking about how we travel; by using one nonstop flight instead of several connecting flights to get to a destination (Carbonfund.org). In other words, try not to travel excessively if it can be avoided. However, you can reduce...

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