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Teen Clothing Ads: Ethical And Effective?

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It is evident that today’s advertisements for teen clothing are neither healthy, nor ethical, to use as a way to attract teen consumers; however, companies are getting away with this behavior, because their effective and inappropriate advertisements are merely innuendos. The modern label placed on teens is said to be the primary contender for the cause of eating disorders, suicide, bullying, and depression. Fortunately, groups of teens are getting together to put an end to these unethical advertisements and the messages the ads give off to teens; because of their efforts, the amount of effect that advertisements have on teens now, may dramatically plummet sometime in the near future. In my ...view middle of the document...

It is news to nobody that the fashion industry is causing a destructive and unethical societal issue. Unfortunately, teenagers are willing selling their souls to the clothing companies, due to the successful persuasion and influence of the promiscuous and judgmental clothing advertisements; teens allow society’s demoralizing standards to define and shape their identity, which in turn hinders his or her journey to self-discovery, self-confidence, self-respect, and overall happiness, no matter what they wear. Most, if not all, teenagers languish, some are obvious and others suffer in silence, because these ads are providing empty-promises, guaranteeing beauty, popularity, and tit they are failing to look like the unrealistic and digitally-altered models; and, if they don’t wear the right clothing or have a skinny physique, society labels their identity as a “freak” and “ugly”. Thanks to courageous and offended teens, change is beginning to occur; today’s teenagers are the highest spending consumers and the most influential generation society has seen; therefore, it is prominent that teens, world-wide, show apparel industries that their behavior is not longer to be tolerated; if teens don’t purchase their clothing, they are out of business. Girls and guys alike need to understand that wearing modest clothing doesn’t make them a “freak”, it allows their inner beauty to shine, making others like them for who they are, not their body; they need to know that they don’t have to be skinny,...

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