Teen Dating Violence. What Are The Warning Signs? Why Do Girls Stay With Their Abuser. What Is Considered Abuse?

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"You made me hit you." "I'm sorry, it wont happen again. You know I love you." "I'm the best your gonna get." "If you loved me....." If ever in your lifetime you have heard the previous phrases you have probably witnessed the harsh reality of dating violence. The University of Michigan Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center defines dating violence as " the international use of abusive tactics and physical force in order to obtain and maintain power and control over an intimate partner." Even though teen dating violence is not overly talked about, it is very common. One in three girls will have an abusive dating experience before the graduate from high school. More than eight million girls per year in just the United States will be abused by a violent boyfriend by their eighteenth birthday. Also, every nine seconds a teenage girl is battered by the person she is in a relationship with. While reading the following paragraphs you will be informed of the different kinds of abuse, the warning signs, why girls stay in abusive relationships, and what a healthy relationship in There are many different kinds of abuse, but the main four are: physical, emotional, sexual and verbal. Verbal abuse and emotional abuse are is a type of abuse that makes someone feel powerless, insecure, and can destroy their self-esteem. The abuser can do this by making hurtful comments such as: "I don't know why I'm still with you." "Your ugly and to fat/to skinny." "Nobody wants you." "Your stupid." Another example of verbal/emotional abuse is when a boyfriend gives his girlfriend a pager or cell phone and tells them it's a gift. Some boyfriends however use it as a way to stay in constant contact with their girlfriends. This allows him to check up on her anytime he wants. Sexual abuse is any form of sexual contact that is hurtful and forceful. This can include: unwanted touching and kissing, using persuasion to force the victim to engage in any kind of sexual activity, using insults to get the person to sleep with him and sexual slurs or attacks on the victims gender . When a girl feels fear or shame because of what someone is trying to make her do with her body, she is being sexually abused. Date rape is the most severe form of sexual abuse. More than one third of college freshman girls have been date-raped at least once.Physical abuse is usually the last phase in an abusive dating relationship. This includes biting, hitting, slapping, pushing, beating, using restraints, and play wrestling. Hitting, biting, and slapping are types of abuse that you can look at and identify. You would notice bite marks, scrapes, and bruises. Girls tend to wear turtlenecks, or long sleeved shirts or pants to hide these marks from friends and family. Boys restrain their girlfriends by holding down their wrists or arms in order to prevent them to leaving. This is a way the boy nonverbally communicates that he's not...

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