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Teen Depression Essay

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Did you know that depression has become the most common mental illness found among teens today? More Americans suffer from depression, than AIDS, cancer, and heart failure combined. Teen depression can come in many different ways and forms, and can have different symptoms/side effects for different people. The overall definition of teen depression, is a serious medical problem found in many teens, which can result in a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in everyday activities. Depression can be developed from a numerous amount of reasons. Some reasons include having the overwhelming feeling of getting older, rejection from society, abuse, having an illness, and even ...view middle of the document...

His father had possessed a drinking problem, and the relationship between the two was not the greatest. His father criticized him if he received less than A’s on his report cards, and it made Joey feel as though he was never good enough in his father’s eyes. His girlfriend Candie offered much needed comfort, but soon after she had told him she was pregnant with his baby, the pressures on Joey had rose. Joey told his friend Fabian, that loved his girlfriend and his baby very much, but he knew he was too young to be a father. He also knew that his mother would have been extremely disappointed in him for his poor choices. Everything was just too much for Joey to handle at the time. He then began to be extremely occupied with the thought of death. He talked to Candie about death, and even spoke aloud about it. He talked to her about slitting his wrists, or dying in a car accident. He even asked her if she would consider a suicide pact. A suicide pact is when two individuals commit suicide together. It establishes a sense of relief if one commits suicide with another person. After his tragic death, Joey’s parents discussed about how on the night of his death, he had marched up to his room in anger after he was told he was unable to go out for the evening. Candie also discussed about how he was sobbing to her over the phone, and explained how his parents just, “did not understand.” His sister had found his body the very next morning.
Unfortunately throughout all of this, Joey Ortiz did not seek out professional help. His loved ones claimed that he was showing some signs of depression, but had not acted on the situation. If somebody had actually sought out for help, Joey Ortiz may still be alive today. This is why society needs to understand that teen depression is a serious illness that 5-10% of teens in the US suffer from. Teens do not directly have the opportunities to learn/discuss/analyze/and criticize depression in their everyday life. This is why we as a society, need to understand more about teen depression, and should become more aware that teen depression is a very serious issue and should not be overlooked as, “just a phase.”
Today, teen depression involves many factors. Nowadays, even with the technological advantages that we have, people still sense a feeling of hopelessness, and sadness. With depressed teens, the chemical that regulates a person’s mood is serotonin. When teens become depressed, serotonin often becomes imbalanced. According to psychiatrist Harold S. Koplewicz, director of the NY University Child Center, it was believed that "young people had neither sufficiency formed egos nor the brain development to cause the kind of chemical imbalance that is at the root of clinical depression." This statement today, is false. Teens suffering from depression can feel many unpleasant feelings. Depression can make a teen feel isolated, and confused. They will feel as though nobody will ever understand the pain that they are currently...

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